Posted by: terryorealtor | January 1, 2008

Could your pet have Candida(Yeast Infection)

mitzi.jpgIf your pet has chronic ear and eye infections, loss of hair, allergy symptoms, bowel problems and a long list of other symptoms , Candida, may be the culprit.

Classifed as a yeast and fungus. What happens is it opens up secondary infections to which antibiotics are needed and then starts a vicious cycle.

Whole Dog Journal has a complete and very informative article on this issue.

Too many grains and poor food has contributed with the overuse of antibiotics and other toxins such as the yearly vaccinations  and flea preventatives have compromised our pet’s immune systems greatly.

Did you know that dogs and cats should live to 25-30 yrs?

We are losing them much too early. I did have one of my cats , Duffy, siamese/persian mix live until she was 20 yrs old.

This same phenomena relates to our human symptoms. This has been a real wake up call for me with the changes and the happenings I have seen with Mitzi my 9.5 yr old cocker spaniel.

The bottom line, know exactly what is in your pets food. Remember, the Pet Food Industry , even though under scrutiny since the food contamination became public is not regulated. Various brand names use the same facility to make and package their foods. If there is contamination, easily spreads.

Some suggestions for natural anti inflammatory and anti fungus/yeast supplements is raw apple cider vinegar in pets water or sprinkled over food, aloe juice, coconut oil as well as various herbs and supplements. There are definitely limits as to amounts of any of the prior in conjunction with the size and weight of pets and cats may require something different altogether. Thoroughly investigate and touch base with your Veterinarian or Homeopathic to ensure you are following the correct guidelines. Too much of a good thing can have an opposite effect.

Many traditional Vets still have a hard time dealing with this as human physicians have. Their response is to use more dangerous drugs to cover up symptoms and the real cause.

The drug companies are dominating the pet industry just as they have done us humans. There is no doubt there are some needed and justifiable meds for various symptoms. It is the bombardment and the use of such without real data on the future damaging effects.

It is presenting knowledge that there are alternative , safe, effective treatments without the side effects of certain pharmaceuticals.

More and more Vets are seeing a correlation and rethinking some of their strategies.

I started Mitzi on probiotics even though I had to give her antibiotics again due to staph reoccurrence and have recently introduced the raw apple cider, aloe juice, coconut oil and supplements. Slowly integrated.

I can only state that so far what I have seen is immense improvement in her skin, hair , energy level and overall demeanor. I can only hope that it continues and that I did not start too late. The one thing about animals is you cannot suggest they improve and they do it. Like the placebo effect in humans.  Either it works or it does not work.

I have had several who saw her prior ,remark on how much better she appeared and seemed. She is not out of the woods yet but now I believe I have a handle as to what really went wrong and have since adjusted diet and supplements for my other two pets. She is resting much more comfortably and does not have the itching and scratching she was doing prior.

I stress  it is a combination of overload on their immune systems that sets up illnesses, candida and various other ailments. Including but not limited too 1-Poor diet 2-Overuse of vaccines 3-Too high carbohydrates 4-Chemicals in our yards and homes 5-Some hereditary 6-Poor breeding etc.

Some we can control , others we cannot. It is finding the right combination of immune support to assist them.

I hope you will do your own investigations and that the information presented will be a light of hope for someone whose pet is struggling with allergies and chronic infections.


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