Posted by: terryorealtor | January 1, 2008

Short Sale Trauma

One thing that has become very evident that is not being addressed is the emotional and mental trauma many homeowners are facing due to short sale and foreclosures. Not to be taken lightly. The look of devastation and failure has led to major depression and in some cases suicide.We are not pyschologists but I believe we would be a doing a great service to encourage personal counseling whether it be through their churches, non profit organizations and/or possibly support groups.To some it means absolutely nothing and they could care less. To others who have always maintained their finances and great credit becomes a major trauma and source of stress.I have already encountered several, especially with kids who are in an absolute state of panic and despair looking for some thread of hope in their situations.Several have lost jobs on top of losing their homes. Gas prices are not helping. Rising medical costs has caused many to cancel their medical insurance. This whole scenario is a recipe for disaster. It is not just about losing a stickhouse.Just another facet of foreclosure and short sale fall out that needs addressing.Many homeowners still do not realize they have options. The more we can educate and provide services in various forms to the consumers will lighten the load for many.This is the “season of miracles”….perhaps we can be part of the miracle in one way or fashion….Serving Sellers and Buyers in the Greater Walnut Creek, Ca area and surrounding communities.For more information about shortsales please visit our blog site below: 


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