Selling Your Home

450 Ideas on How to Sell Your Home

Sellers, I have provided you with link above with some great tips and checklists to help organize your upcoming sale of your home.

Now more than ever, it is imperative that your home be properly prepared for the market.

Staging is critical. Does not have to be that much and does not have to cost an arm and a leg but believe me it works and sets the mood for when buyers enter.

Remember, first impressions are critical and key to a successful sale of your home.

Buyers want to envision their own personal belongings , not yours. Remove as much of your personal items and clutter as possible.

Price your home according to today’s market, not 6 months ago. A properly priced home will sell much faster.

Be prepared. The market has brought many changes. Including strict loan guidelines. Buyers will need help with closing costs and perhaps help with a buy down of their interest rate. Most lenders will allow up to 3% of purchase price of seller contributions towards closing costs. Some will allow more.

Another item that has arisen is insurance. Due to all of the natural disasters happening, the insurance companies are also tightening down the hatches. If there has been claims against your home it could disqualify your home for future insurance protection with a buyer with some companies. Insurance companies are checking buyers credit. Declining insurance if credit is deemed low.

Please advise your Realtor(R) of any claims against your home so this can be addressed up front and not cause delays at the close of escrow. You or your Realtor(R) can have a clue report pulled up front by your insurance agent to advise of any issues.

Disclosures: It is imperative that you answer any and all questions truthfully on the sellers required disclosure forms to be given buyer. By disclosing up front will save you heartache down the road.

Inspections: I have found if sellers will go ahead and do pre inspections can also prepare you for the unknown. Buyers make their offers contingent upon satisfactory inspections. If something major is found buyer has the right to renegotiate for repairs, lower price or walk away from contract.

Sometimes the damage or repair found, if dealt with prior to placing on market will cost you hundreds if not thousands LESS .

Buyers will always exaggerate repairs to pad their end.

In either case, by having pre inspections can help assist you in pricing your home accordingly and whether to stand firm or go ahead and do the repairs to make a non issue.

Hiring a Professional Realtor(R) will make your life a lot easier.

I have actively listed and sold homes since 1999. I am available to service you in your real estate needs.  

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